Cooler warmer

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Product Features:
  • Intelligently designed Modular 2.5 Meters structures in length with varying widths as per the speeds required, these modular units can be easily assembled at site. In future to enhance capacity an additional modular section can be inserted, providing extremely high flexibility.
  • Machine is well guarded at the loading end as well as at the discharge end with Sliding doors.
  • Interactive intelligence by means of a huge TFT Color touch screen with all necessary alerts via real time clock & trouble shooting.
  • Grundfoss pumps used for extremely high reliability.
  • Machine is constructed from 100% SS304 with PVC coated sheets to get excellent buffing and esthetic looks.
  • Stainless steel Nozzles with hollow cone spays provides high coverage area for maximum machine efficiency.
  • The Pump suction has a dual Sieve (Strainer) which can be easily cleaned without halting the production.
  • Each zone has a temperature sensor as well as a controller. The entire Temp. PID controller Display values as well as set values are on the touch screen and any parameters can be changed from the touchscreen itself.
  • Machine has an option for loader as well a discharge DTSC transfers at the loading as well as discharge end for smooth transfer of bottles.
Cooler Tunnel
  • The Cooling tunnel is used for getting Hot bottles from9 0/95 degrees to the room temperature of 28-30 Degrees.
  • It is used for hot filled bottles like Juices.
Warmer Tunnel:
  • The Warmer tunnel is used for getting cold bottles from 2/3 degrees to the room
  • Temperature of 28-30 Degrees. It is used for Cold filled bottles like soft drinks. Etc.
The Pasteurizer tunnel
  • The Pasteurizer tunnel is used for getting cold bottles from 2/3 Degrees to the room temperature of 28-30 Degrees. But during this Process it also heats the bottles up to 60 degrees and holds these bottles To 60 degrees for about 30/45 minutes as per the product specification required the cools It back to the room temperature. This is used for Products like beer to get the ‘PU’ units and kill the Live Yeast.

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