Water Treatment Plants

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Water Treatment Plant With Price is Single Skid Mounted System and can be Installed at anywhere with Filtered waterInlet. This system consists of Chlorination, De-Chlorination, Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Antiscalent Dosing, MCF, HPP and R . O .Memebranes with Pressure Vessels and sophisticated Instruments with Programmed Control Logic for its full proof Operation. System Include the Electrical and Instrument Control panel on Skid. We Provide S . S . Storage Tanks with MCF for Final Polisher of semi treated water after Mineral Adding. The Mineral rich treated water pass through the Ultra Violet System to the Ozonation Re-Circulation tank. The Tanks are with its S . S . Supply pumps and Level Indicator and Controller. We Recommend the Ozonation for better Product self life once it is packed. Our Ozonation System with PSA Oxygen Generator and Air purification system before Ozone Preparation to avoid air contamination. We offers S . S . Re-Circulating Tank for better dissolution of Ozone in Treated water with re-circulating Pump and Final Product Supply Pump with all Piping and Valves. We also undertake the Piping work from Storage Tanks to Rinsing & Filling Machine.

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