Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

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Water once purified is filled in PET Bottles where bottles can be blown IN HOUSE using Bottle stretch Blow Moulding Machine. This Machine requires Heavy duty Compressor with Compressor Air Dryer unit. Bottles are blown using Semi Automatic Blow machine.

Blow Moulding Machines are available in following capacities:
  • Semi Auto - 1100 Bottles per hour and multiple of 600 BPH
  • Fully Auto - 1200 BPH / 1800 BPH / 2400 BPH / 3600 BPH / 4500 BPH etc.
Machines are available with all the accessories viz.
  • Storage Hopper and Automatic Feeder of Pet Preforms
  • Bottle on line Feeder on Air Conveyor
  • Air Compressor/s suitable capacity
  • Compressed Air Dryer & Filters
  • Chiller Unit of suitable capacity
  • Various capacity Hard Chrome Diamond Finish PET Bottle Moulds.

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