Sleeve Applicator

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Salient Features :
  • The machine can run sleeves in roll form and is capable of applying full body sleeve or a sleeve at a particular location on the bottle. This canbe done by a specially designed attachment.
  • The steam tunnel comes immediately after the sleevingmachine,which shrinks the label perfectly onto the bottle taking the shape of thecontainer without any creases. Steam is controlled economically by
  • controlled valves and can be directed at the label precisely.
  •  Another option is a hot air system where steam is not available.
  • Machine is well guarded with interlocking door safeties.Interactive intelligence by means of a huge TFT Colour touch screen with all necessary alerts via real time clock & trouble shooting information.
  • The cutter is a very simple
  • mechanism with 5/6/8 blades,
  • these stainless steel blades are
  • specially made for this application.
  • The blades cut in a overlapping
  • rotary action , which is driven by a
  • servo motor. This is a change part
  • depending on the range of Bottle
  • diameters.
Sleeve Unwind &Mandrill :
  • The sleeve unwind and tension control is done by
  • means of idler and dancing roller which maintains the
  • web tension, the high/low position of the dancing
  • roller decides the label feed.
  • The mandrill is the most complex part of this
  • machine. The sleeve is opened by this floating
  • mandrill which has idle bearings to assists to drive
  • the cut label onto the bottle by means of dual high
  • speed motors. Mandrill is a change part for different
  • bottle sizes.
  • The machine setting for the mandrill support rollers, and
  • sleeve drive Rubber rollers are to be set for different sizes of
  • bottles and labels, this is done very quickly by means of
  • simplehandwheel with ball guide screw, and LM linear
  • bearings, this can be done within a few seconds thus making
  • the change overs very easy and quick .Print mark sensor
  • position is marked for different bottles. All other settings are
  • from the control panel.

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