Water Filtration Plant

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We offer a wide range of water purification systems i.e. reverse osmosis plant(RO) from the capacity of 100 liters/hr to 100000 liters/hr and with the wide range of TDS from 2000 ppm to 45000 ppm.

Water Filtration Plant, in their basic form, consists of a pressure pump, housing and the membrane.

The size of the RO and choice of membrane will be determined by the permeate quantity required, feed water salinity and permeate quality expected. Low energy membranes allow the units to run at pressures around 150-200psi, and as such the pressure booster pumps required to generate the pure water are smaller, and the power consumption is reduced significantly.

  • Removes pyroxenes and bacteria
  • Low operating costs
  • No effluent neutralization required
  • No regeneration down time
  • No handling with hazardous regenerate
  • Electronic quality control
  • Corrosion resistant material of construction
  • Compact design

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